DIY teeny tiny nursery

When we found out we were pregnant with our first child together, I immediately starting planning.  Then finding out it was a girl really got me going.  I didn’t know if we were going to stay in our tiny apartment so I didn’t start buying anything right away.  After it became apparent we were staying here, I knew the nursery would have to be done on a tight budget and in a tight space, so I started my research.  My inspiration for her nursery came from this room on Pinterest.  Even though our room is quite a bit smaller than the inspiration room, the color scheme and overall idea were exactly what I had in mind.


I shopped around A LOT to find all the right things at the right prices. (A lot of craigslist, thrift store and refurbishing).  But I am super pleased with the outcome!

We started with the walls and used Behr paint in satin sheen.

Next we put up the curtains and curtain rods that we got from Ikea.


The crib is a convertible crib that was given to us by a family friend and my husband sanded and painted it semi-gloss white. My mom made the crib skirt, the angel and the pink bows.



Wardrobe found on craigslist repainted in semi-gloss ultra pure white (Behr) with new knobs from Home Depot.


Dresser is originally from Ikea but found on craigslist. Repainted semi-gloss white and new knobs (Home Depot).


Changing table from Ikea (only because my husband was sick of painting, if I had my way I would have gotten this used too). Changing pad and cover from Amazon.

I made the pom-poms above the changing table after I found this tutorial on Pinterest.

Chandelier from Ikea.


Recliner-given to us by my sister. Cover from Wal-mart.

Side table from thrift store painted semi-gloss white.

Lamp-I already had the lamp and the shade around the house, but found this tutorial on Pinterest and fell in love with it so I decided to do it on this lamp.


Gallery wall: various frames from various places, mostly thrift stores. I filled most of the frames with cutouts from scrapbook paper I bought at Michael’s. I plan to replace those with her pictures once she is here. The frame at the end of her crib (thrift store) I filled with all of the ultrasound photos we have.






Food food food!!

Saturday night me and my husband, who is from the Dominican Republic, went to visit with some other Dominicanos that he had met randomly. (It is hard to meet Dominicans in the U.S., let alone the western U.S. so he was super stoked about it.) We sat and talked for probably 2 or 3 hours before dinner was ready and we feasted on one of the most delicious meals I have ever had: sancocho. Sancocho is a latino dish that varies from country to country. And even though I have never tasted it before, I think Dominicans do it best! It was so good! I made the mom of the bunch promise that she would teach me how to make it.



Sunday we just lounged around still in a food coma from the night before. In the afternoon I finally got my butt up and decided to get ready for the week. I made these overnight oats, which I love because they are grab-and-go and easy to eat for lunch at work.

overnight oats food prep

My week’s worth of overnight oats.

In other news…today I am 25 weeks!  Super crazy to see my body changing so much.  I feel like I look like a hobbit in this picture…my legs look so short!


After work today I changed into my workout clothes and then had my go to snack of cottage cheese and strawberries.


I guess that motivated me, because then I actually went for a nice walk for just over a mile (but the hills in my neighborhood are INSANE!) I walked down to the library to see if they had a book that I wanted…they didn’t.  My library is so small that I think they only have a total of 200 books….seriously.  But it was nice to get some fresh air after two weeks straight of rain.


About Me


Hello!  My name is Kristi and this is my blog.  I am a 34 year old, evangelical Christian, married woman and pregnant with my first child (a girl!).  My husband is an immigrant from Dominican Republic who has two daughters (15 and 10) that we are working on bringing over from the Dominican Republic as well.  I am a 6th grade teacher and I love my job!  I am working on my National Board Certification currently and deciding what my next career move(s) will be.  I love to try new crafting projects and recipes especially if it will help me save money.  I love running and trying new workout plans.

“Sick” Day

I decided to take the plunge and start this blog today.  I have done research on blogs and started one other very wildly unsuccessful blog when I was getting ready for my mission trip to Spain.  But this time I found Scott Chow and his “How to Start a Blog” blog (it is really called The Blog Starter) and he really made it foolproof, so here I am.

I had to pick up my husband at the airport at 1 this morning so I called in sick to work.  It was nice to spend the morning with him after being apart for two weeks, although he ending up ditching me to go to work…his boss called him and we need the money so….you know how it is.  It has been rainy all week so it was nice to stay in my pjs all day and relish in the fact that I still had 2 more days to my weekend.

I had a little bit of a sweet tooth today and decided to opt for something healthier than my typical chocolate or candy fix. I went to my Pinterest page and found this strawberry oatmeal smoothie that I thought looked good and decided to try it.


I changed up a few of the ingredients.  I didn’t have any milk so I just used some non fat yogurt instead and added water.


I forgot to put the blades in my Ninja and had to try again (after attempting to put the blades in while everything was in the blender already and spilled some of everything on my shirt).


I have to say though, it turned out pretty good and sufficiently satisfied my sweet tooth in a much healthier fashion.

03. the one where no-one’s ready


Joey: You hide my clothes, I’m wearing everything you own.
Chandler: Oh my God! That is so not the opposite of taking somebody’s underwear!
Joey: Look at me! I’m Chandler! Could I be wearing any more clothes? Maybe if I wasn’t going commando…
Chandler: [Groans]
Joey: Yeah. Whew, it’s hot with all of this stuff on. I ah, I better not do any, I don’t know, lunges.

I sat down with my smoothie and watched one of my favorite episodes of Friends-The One Where No One’s Ready.  It made #3 on the top 50 Friends episodes on allthisbliss.  My favorite episode (The One With the Embryos) that I would rank at #1 made #6 on their list.  I should make my own list.  I think it would be much more accurate.  BTW Friends is my all time favorite show and I watch the entire season at least 3 times a year.  It is in a constant rotation in my what to watch queue.  And thankfully right now it is on Netflix so I don’t have to worry about wearing out my DVDs.  

I am going to attempt to make this for dinner tonight because my husband loves roasted chicken and I had a whole chicken in the freezer.